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Project Description
Web Part Extenders are a different type of web parts, which instead of rendering data or HTML markup, provide an extended functionality or behavior to one or more existing web parts on a web part page. They can be used in both SharePoint and ASP.NET sites. Until now a common way of extending the functionality of existing web parts was to either write a new web part from scratch or subclass from an existing web part. This approach however requires advanced programming and access to the web part code being extended or modified. Web Part Extenders allow SharePoint and ASP.NET component developers to add functionality to one or more web parts using the loosely coupled interfaces. End users can use these building blocks to enhance the web application user experience.

Currently the project is in an early stage of development. It includes several Web Part extenders, which illustrate the concept, and work reliably in ASP.NET site, but not yet in SharePoint. The project includes both an ASP.NET sample site and a SharePoint Solution file, to make it easy to evaluate it in both environments.

To learn more about the project check out these materials:


Short Introduction

Detail Introduction

If you are interested to join the project as a contributor send an email to WePET at live dot com.

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